Plain China

Owed to the State

by Alex Hart · University of Cincinnnati
"Untitled", Shiya Wu · Wheaton College

O Memorandum, thou anonymous gift,


                              Thy narrow saffron figure reflects into glass,

               Camouflaged in radiant, fiery tones, as

                              Apollo’s chariot hurtles toward its terminus;


                              To his daily haste, thy sprightly essence

               Is well acquainted, for wherever is

                              A lusty pace, thy sisters shortly follow.


                              O keeper of the law, thy statutes are

               Mighty pillars, yet thy delicate

                              Silhouette wavers in perpetuity,


                              A golden visage, upon which is lettered

               In riveting prose, a citizen’s duty.

                              May we never forget our duty to thee, O Parking Ticket.

About the Author

Alex Hart · University of Cincinnnati

Alex Hart is a recent graduate of the University of Cincinnati, where he studied Industrial Design with a minor in Creative Writing.  Though he was born and raised in the Cincinnati area, Alex now resides in Portland, Oregon and works as a footwear designer for Adidas at their US Headquarters. "Owed to the State" first appeared in Short Vine. 

About the Artist

Shiya Wu · Wheaton College

Shiya Wu graduated from Wheaton College in 2015 with a BA in Art with a minor in Psychology. Shiya is currently working on an MFA in 2D Design at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. "Untitled" first appeared in Rushlight.