Plain China

Somewhere in Mississippi

by Danny Duffy · University of Florida
"Baptism", Mia Silvan-Grau · Oberlin College

nuns still teach abstinence in school,

written on the blackboard in thick

block letters. “Kissing is bad, too,”

they tell the sixth graders, who like

neither themselves nor each other.

On the first day of summer,

the kids run nude through the sprinklers

escaping heat and God, together.

Somewhere, nuns fan themselves

with pages from Revelations,

their sweaty habits a pile on the floor.

About the Author

Danny Duffy · University of Florida

Danny Duffy earned his BA in English and International Studies from the University of Florida. He owns an antique typewriter that he is too afraid to use. "Somewhere in Mississippi" first appeared in TEA. 

About the Artist

Mia Silvan-Grau · Oberlin College

A Creative Writing Major at Oberlin College, Mia Silvan-Grau was born in New York City and became interested in photography at a very early age. Mia has been interested in photographing water and people in water as a way to access another world. "Baptism" first appeared in Plum Creek Review