Plain China

This Is All I Know

Morgan Thomas · University of Florida

With practice, two people can sleep in a single bed without touching. New-car-scented candles only cost two dollars a pop if you buy in bulk from the manufacturer.


Samuel Diener · University of California, Berkeley

That car hasn’t moved since the day he left.

Once the Ground

Mary Alice Stewart · Bennington College

Once the ground. Once the ground, I opened. O Sillies, once the ground & its metal beast of quick light.


Carolyn Decker · Wheaton College

New love came early this year a skunk cabbage in the snow

Skin and Scale

Caroline Klidonas · Elon University

My sister is small, painting her arms with washable tattoos when she tells me a fish’s body is slick to the touch, that some eat parasites, dead skin

Conquering Grounds

Jessica Fuquay · Rice University · Poetry Prize Winner

All our children learn. The uprooted will sing of the root’s tearing.

Mr. Rococo in Prague

Varun Nayar · Grinnell College

Now of course, it is the fractured, roadside music you remember most.

Re: Backstroke

Michaela Cowgill · American University

A boy falls into the Northwood lake.


Liz Purvis · Elon University

My father taught me how to level a pool cue across the bridge of my hand


Ian Burnette · Adroit Journal

We used to play pirates in an empty field

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