Plain China

Granny Remembers the Chicago Blizzard of '67

Cheswayo Gabriel Mphanza · Middlebury College · Honorable Mention in Poetry

Hell, I been cold before. Black folk always been cold

I Love You Skinny Leaf

Parke Haskell · Bennington College

You tried to get me wet for thirty months—I was too busy not eating to notice. Did you know— this page was once a humming tree?

Lake Mendota, WI

Clare Mao · Grinnell College

Open water at dawn, and I can think of nothing else but you.

"Tell Me Why" performed as a modified pecha kucha

Paolo Yumol · Oberlin College

It all has to come from somewhere; the manhole vapor, the broken melodies, the shambling vagrants pulled out of the dark like knotted ribbons from a magician’s cloak.


Drew Dean · Susquehanna University · Honorable Mention in Poetry

The birch crescent passes the sea’s fingertip into Belfast Bay, an eddy of pitch pine and flotsam.

Dream 737

Molly McGinnis · American University

We are standing on a street in Manhattan. The traffic light: cinched red lips.

Hacking Dreyfuss

Grayling Bauer · Bard College


teaching goldfish how to breathe

Xandria Phillips · Oberlin COllege

vets have successfully installed frog lungs into a goldfish/ I read this news on a blog

Marie Elaine

Christine Guaragno · Susquehanna University

The first time Marie Elaine was struck by lightning, she was already married to ChaCha. She was pulling his service shirts from the line, her fingers holding onto the clothespins like beads of her rosary.

Farm Boys

Talin Tahajian · University of Cambridge

I find you swimming, cheeks flushed

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