Plain China

Walker Evans' Lucille

Christina Degenaars · Boston College · Honorable Mention in Poetry

The child in the photograph has little more than a straw hat to halo her cold ears. She’s maybe ten, perhaps older, snared in a snapshot that hides years from view.

Everyone I Love at a Gas Station in Utah

Paris Gravley · Oberlin College

Two seats wide, Ham Hands eats a foot-long at the corner table.

On The Train Home

Varun Nayar · Grinnell College

1944: Badi Nani packs her children into four decrepit navy-blue duffle bags strapped to a train running down from Karachi to Dilli.

The Midlife Crisis

Tiffany Wong · American University

And I wonder who Held his hand as ink touched skin


Jacob Oet · Swarthmore College

The porcupine and I skip class to sail to America.

Storm Season

Helen Spica · Boston College

She remembers the storm that picked up the neighbor’s boy

It's Election Night

Itai Thaler · Tufts University

And the air tastes like smoke and glazed doughnuts and you could suck it in ’til you’re sick


Maya Osbourne · Bard College · Honorable Mention in Poetry

She—a dead mango seed, a burnt redemption song


Meg Pendoley · Tufts University

Why do the sparrows choose the house with the rotting roof?


Emily Geris · Macalester

Grandma drove with shade-tolerant plants in her car to fill the beds of mulch sulking in our yard.

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