Plain China

Missouri Shells

Clara Lee · University of Minnesota · Honorable Mention in Poetry

On October blacktop poured over limestone, the hard ghost of an inland sea, farmland, then floodplains now emptied by whistle,

The Grocery Store

Geo Gomez · Grinnell College

My grandmother prays to Santa Guadalupe, the one embalmed on her nightstand candle.

Saint Anthony (the keeper of lost things)

Mollyhall Seeley · New York University

Saint Anthony mostly goes by El Capitán. I call him patroncito because it drives him crazy (he’s a terrible racist). Usually he won’t see me because he says that I don’t lose things, I ignore them.

Iron in the Well Water

Carolyn Decker · Wheaton College

Loving you is stepping through ice, that first moment in a scalding shower, when I curve my spine against the impulse to shiver.

Shark Fishing on Acid

Danny Macdonald · Tufts University

there are cliffs underwater and if you hold a rock you can sink off of them it is like intentional drowning but you can let go before you get to the bottom


Robert Miller · St. Olaf College · Honorable Mention in Poetry

to the public museum of road kill

The Creator

Melissa Robert · Tufts University

Sun beats through the blinds this morning, awoken like a puppet— Today I finish it.


Elizabeth Burdette · College of Charleston

A man had written head on his forehead, and hand on each hand, and foot on each foot.

On the Nights My Lover Dreams of Drowning

Amber Rambharose · University of Cincinnati

I think about the bullet in his wrist that still floats between radius and ulna.


Brittany Kleinschnitz · Bennington College

A cow lies in a paddock, a dead eucalyptus.

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