Plain China


Anjana Krishnamurthy · University of California, Berkeley

Javvarisi, sweet pearls of childhood, floating in a sea of elaichi


Da'Shawn Mosley · University of Chicago

Witness the three guys march right in and take what they want, hold my aunt inside her bedroom and close the door.

About Love,

Hannah Jones · Florida State University

my grandmother knew it all.


Frances Wang · Dartmouth College

They say that dogs are soulless. Mine sleeps on his side and skitters after rabbits

Stripped, She Said

Anne Delatte · Louisiana State University

you have stripped me down to my tongue root she said

A Trout

Jackson Rollings · Bard College · Honorable Mention in Poetry

After an hour of steely sky the locals call night, we’re back on the rapids fishing whorls for sockeyes, but reel in only dollies.

Gull Throat

Noor Al-Sammarai · University of California, Berkeley

What's it mean, to sit?

This Poem is Not About the Snail (Shablul)

Jocelyn Hawley · Swarthmore College

but if it were I would tell you how they right themselves by means of opercula fastened to their feet (foot).

Second Kill

Lilly McGee · American University

Cain’s kiss; the drowned. Family submerged. A photo blurred by stillwater.

Incident on Route 46

Doreen St. Félix · Brown University

In a poorly upholstered driving seat, middle age is approaching a quiet, coughing woman much faster than it is her husband because she is a quiet and coughing woman.

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