Plain China

Winter Poem

J. Phillip Reed · University of Miami

Think of worst. Think of worry & woolen washer cycles.

The Lost Language of Longing, or Two Women Walk into a Bar

Hannah Aizenman · University of Pittsburgh · Honorable Mention in Poetry

Two women walk into a bar; they are Lilith and Lot’s wife and they are lonesome tonight.

It's My Turn, Frank O'Hara

David Scofield · Brown University

From a young age I was naïve enough to know I was a genius.


Erica Hauswald · Grinnell College

Even the air is ice- ridden.

Playing House

Lauren Parker · University of Houston

The screaming makes her break a dish a white ceramic plate with black scuffmarks

If She Remembers

Kelly Bates · Columbia College Chicago

She took too much chili cheese dip. And my Girl Scout friend Katie Johnson, with a too thick, bland brown bob, told me to tell her that she was taking too much.

Two Scars

James Parkington · Boston College

When I say she was something else, I mean that she reminded me of a circus.

Extra American

Alex Cashman · University of Miami

Let the sand settle in your lungs like unwanted guests in your living room, drinking all your red wine and eating all your cheese

An Afternoon at the Mütter Museum for Anatomical Anomalies

Sierra Eckert · Swarthmore COllege

Soap woman lives here, shares a room with wax dolls, giants, dwarves.

Stones for Guppies

Toshi Casey · American River College

Along the creek, July clung to our limbs with clover-twined snapdragons.

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