Plain China

Capgras Syndrome

Rebecca Rothfeld · Dartmouth College

One day you were no longer you. You’d swallowed yourself in the deep of your sleep and escaped through a door in the side of your gut.

At the Edge

Colorado College · · Honorable Mention in Poetry

Everything other than the present is terrifying.

god for me

Courtney Bush · New York University

is the way my grandfather thinks about jesus believes until it’s just called knowing like science or directions


Jordan Peterson · Simmons College

For three days, the city has been on fire.

A National Tragedy

Olivia Weissblum · Pomona College

On the day the sky wept blood over Texas we stood together a little apart


Laura Creste · Bennington College

An hour west toward the beginning of Long Island we drive to a party in Hicksville. We pass a series of one-story houses. Airplanes, coming or going, chase the birds from the sky.

Nocturnal: A Series of Haiku

Kate Garnett · University of Houston

I. She is Becoming something nocturnal. Watch as she teethes on moondark. She is going, gone.

Nail Polish

Wyatt McMurry · Eckerd College · Poetry Prize Winner

His nails weren’t coral but candy cane red cadillac and dark—satin lining of my mother’s purse, brains of a crushed watermelon or even the latex guts splashed over the rocks in Tremors after Kevin Bacon tricks the worm monster into falling off a cliff.

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