Plain China

Farm Boys

by Talin Tahajian · University of Cambridge
Untitled, Ellie Tremayne · Oberlin College

I find you swimming, cheeks flushed

like summer squash. Your father’s screams

echo against the riverbed as he drags you

by your earlobe from the sweet lick

of Indiana freshwater. I wish it were Thursday night

again, Molly piercing through your flesh

with a needle from her grandmother’s sewing kit,

with a diamond she stole from her aunt.

Now your ear bleeds, sore and crusty, diamond

popped from its socket like an arrowhead.

Your father ripens, flesh maddened, a husk,

the blood, war paint, water clouding like dusk.

About the Author

Talin Tahajian · University of Cambridge

Talin Tahajian grew up near Boston. Her poetry has recently appeared in PANK, DIAGRAM, Best New Poets 2014, and Washington Square Review, and has been featured by Verse Daily and Poor Claudia. She was a finalist for the 2014 Indiana Review Poetry Prize, and is currently a student at the University of Cambridge, where she studies English literature. Her poem first appeared in The Adroit Journal.

About the Artist

Ellie Tremayne · Oberlin College

Ellie Tremayne is a second-year studio art major. Her work primarily consists of sculpture and drawing, with occasional photography and graphic design pieces. Untitled first appeared in Oberlin’s Plum Creek Review.