Plain China

It's Election Night

by Itai Thaler · Tufts University
Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town, Bailey Meadows · University of Florida

And the air tastes like smoke and glazed doughnuts
and you could suck it in
’til you’re sick
on sugar and ash, and your teeth crack
between vices.


You didn’t vote
(you should vote!)
you didn’t vote—not apathy, you couldn’t manage
to wrap five fingers around the lever.
You stayed in the booth for too long
and got stares on the way out.


The air tastes like smoke and glazed doughnuts—
like a childhood diner upstate
with a wooden Injun
guarding the door.
And if you just keep inhaling it’ll be another day,
another night.

About the Author

Itai Thaler · Tufts University

Recent graduate Itai Thaler studied economics and English. When not writing election-night based poetry, he served as editor-in-chief for the Tufts’ Canon literary journal, in which his poem was first published.

About the Artist

Bailey Meadows · University of Florida

Recent graduate Bailey Meadows lives in Brooklyn, New York. Her work has been displayed in the SA+AH Student Arts Juried Exhibition and Ligature 22. She currently works as a graphic designer in New York City, writing and illustrating during her spare time. Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town first appeared in Tea, the University of Florida’s literary journa