Plain China

Lunar Sonnet

by Canese Jarboe · Pittsburg State University
Empty Table, Mandi Vivacqua · Susquehanna University

There will only be one this month, bloated
and pale like leftover rib bones on the plate
after you ate the half-rack at Lucky Luke’s. I choke
on the hard acrylic cue ball resting


on beer-splattered black felt. Full moon last spring,
we were in the pen giving the muddy calf his bottle and
Dad’s friend shot his wife with a 20-gauge spring-
loaded shotgun, then himself.


A pregnant woman carries low—hiding
the fat circumference under her t-shirt, the possibility
of darkness. It isn’t strong enough to pull the tide
up over us like a ratty quilt.


The moon has an empty stare,
all the eyes pried from sockets.

About the Author

Canese Jarboe · Pittsburg State University

Canese Jarboe is a senior at Pittsburg State University in Kansas, where she studies English with an emphasis in creative writing. Her work has appeared in The Adroit Journal (in which “Lunar Sonnet” was first published) and The Midwest Quarterly. She likes to collect skills. Her repertoire includes winemaking, goat milking, and reading Tarot cards.

About the Artist

Mandi Vivacqua · Susquehanna University

Mandi Vivacqua is an English major with a minor in photography. “Empty Table” was first published in Susquehanna’s journal RiverCraft.