Plain China


by Anjana Krishnamurthy · University of California, Berkeley
Granny Panty Wedding Gown, Emily Anderson · Hamilton College

sweet pearls of
childhood, floating
in a sea of elaichi
milk, iridescent
jellyfish, dissolving
into starchy silk,
a whitesari draped
on the tongue.


Javvarisi haunts,
burned skin like
a scattered galaxy
of sago across the
arm, buttons parting
breasts in a straight
row of soldiers,
the reflection
of an American moon
in a lover’s American
eyes, javvarisi haunts,
a cruel mistress,
but she will not
grace the plantain
leaf at this wedding.

About the Author

Anjana Krishnamurthy · University of California, Berkeley

Anjana Krishnamurthy is currently a sophomore at UC Berkeley studying biology. She loves dancing and slam poetry. Her poem first appeared in CLAM, Berkeley’s literary and arts journal.

About the Artist

Emily Anderson · Hamilton College

Emily Anderson graduated from Hamilton College with a B.A. in public policy, and now works in the consulting business—but wishes she were still making art. This piece was originally published in Hamilton’s Red Weather.