Plain China

Storm Season

by Helen Spica · Boston College
The Lost Coast Series 4, Dana Edwards · Stanford University

She remembers the storm
that picked up the neighbor’s boy


as he stepped to the still wonder
of his shaken world,


front yard with his toes against
snow, in his hair the nesting of petals,


catching wind
in the caves of his ear.


The door ran wild
on its hinges.


She taps on her fingers
those lost things they counted:


mailbox, the soup
in the pantry, electricity.


All the branches of the tulip tree
were found offshore,


and the neighbor’s boy, too,
below the window


frozen as the eyes of Michelangelo’s
Moses on gold and the fire


before he melted to the mountain—
anchored by ankle


to the tomb.

About the Author

Helen Spica · Boston College

Helen Spica writes poetry and short fiction. Her poems have been featured in Midwestern Gothic, Pure Francis, Sundog Lit, Two Hawks Quarterly, and Boston College’s journal, Stylus, in which this poem first appeared. Her work is forthcoming in Split Rock Review. She has received two Kelleher awards for her work. She lives in Boston.

About the Artist

Dana Edwards · Stanford University

Recent graduate Dana Edwards majored in philosophy. He shoots and processes 35-mm black-and-white film with his half-century-old Leica M2, the same camera his father used to record his travels in the 1960s. About a dozen of Dana’s photos have been selected for inclusion in the juried “Master Shots” section of the Leica Fotographie Internationale website. His photograph first appeared in Stanford’s Leland Quarterly.