Plain China

The Midlife Crisis

by Tiffany Wong · American University
Rosie, Zoe Gregoric · Northeastern University

And I wonder who
Held his hand as ink touched skin
And he winced in pain.


The coy mermaid knew
The fish twisting up his arm,
Only a prelude.

About the Author

Tiffany Wong · American University

Tiffany Wong studied print journalism and art history in D.C.; “The Midlife Crisis” is the first poem she ever submitted. She finds inspiration in the tangled intricacies of her Malaysian family tree. Her work first appeared in American University’s journal, AmLit.

About the Artist

Zoe Gregoric · Northeastern University

Zoe Gregoric enjoys a variety of mediums in addition to photography. She regularly contributes to Woof and Spectrum magazines, in the latter of which Rosie first appeared, and is a recipient of the Boston Scholastic Art Awards Gold Key for film photography. You can see more of her work on her tumblr.